{Sunday, October 10, 2010.}

Uploading Character and hero list....Complete.
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Name: Md Azmi.J (aka Jack,Pochong,Panjang,Frickem)
Age: 25 and Growing.
Currently Fragging and doing this shit
-I wana passed my License Class 2 before my nxt Birthday!!!
-Riding Dirt XR440 and im happy wif it.
-Exploring Singapore with My gilera and im happy oso!
-Werking in Da Goverment SCDF =)
-WHat goes around,come around.....life's like dat!!

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{Thursday, October 15, 2009.Project Exodus}

15th October 2009

Ages it has been...yesh its been 3 years since i last updated this bugger
piece of HTML
we called Blogspot...or Blogging or watever u people in
another l nd called it.
Updates updates... Yah like as if the whole Singapore
gona read it anyway rite.

Well as spoken on top...its been bloody 3 years. Aint gonna post and
summarise all those
thang dat happen all in a singular post rite??
Well i just speak wat need to be spoken k..

Yesh im in da SCDF.... yesh i owned 2 bikes... yesh im stil getting a
Silver for my IPPT
.. Yesh i ride almost twice a week wif my
XR440 (bigBore Beb)... Yesh im a mommy's boy

Yesh i earn 2k almost every mth but still i gotta pay fer a lot of stuff.
For those owas keep saying "Wah... u regular what.. got more $$$"
Well u try put urself in my shoe and see how its like.
Support Family, pay bills,
pay some of the house utilities bills and food.
Yesh i spent most of my money on
Food. Anyway wait til ur in the
working world then u noe that More money

equals more responsibilities. And lastly where most people
owas ask me.....
Yesh im Single but not looking at the moment!
I wana enjoy DirtBike and i wana

Compete in some upcoming races..... dat if God Willing ryte?

Well i keep on posting and people (whoever stil in touch wif my blog)
do keep
a lookout fer more updates. Fuck Shit and Fuck the world!
Azmi say Wiki wiki wiki!!

Signing Out-
Ur Uper Duper Friendly NeighbourHood FireMan
Sir Ectorius Frickem (Azmi)

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{Tuesday, December 12, 2006.Project "Welcome Back Frick"}

12th December 2006

Was updating just now when suddenly my computer hang.
KInda long post and now when i wanted to write back again,
i tink to myself "leceh nye nak write balik"
Even when i used the Recover Post option, it stil aint werking!
Damn kena re-type every fuck shit stuff i put just now.

Well im clearing my leave now for 2006!!
Bye2 2006, Hello 2007!!!! A brand new year awaits me!
A brand new life at the end of the tunnel.
A brand new forge freedom dat only happen once!!
Hell yeah ORD oh!!!! 4 more mths and im gona be free!
Since im clearing my leave, im now in the service a a rider
for a Pizza company called Canadian Pizza! Haha. Almost a month
ive work there. 3 weeks actually but still, im kind alike this job man.
I can earn more than my Army pay sometimes!.

Since im clearin my leave now, my strength and time is now at
the service of Canadian Pizza as A rider! Phew. Great job, tiring day
but good pay=) Just now i was the only rider available for the day till 3pm.
11am-3pm and ive got around 13 docket sia.
(P.S Docket is another term for the delivery to the customer made)
So per docket is like 50Cents. 13 dockets = $6.50. Haha...earn $6.50 just like
dat sia.

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{Sunday, October 08, 2006.Project When i was a LCP....}

8th October 2006

I usually like to start my post with "life is...bla bla bla"
Anyway its october oreadi. So fast for some people but
yet so slow for me. Haiz....6 more months and still mcm
very slow. Frankly speaking, this fasting month ive been
slacking to much lah.
Either slacking at home watch tv or at werk doing my job
macm "nak-tak-nak" But then die die must do kan.
My LRI stocktaking pon coming up. Haha...major facelift at my
store and camp and dats why im very the busy buat keje sian!!

Currently Rugby season dah habis cos puasa coming for me.
And oso doing things and stuff to my bike.
Bike dah lost power ckit.. (due to my pipe and belly.....)
Bike dah rattle ckit.. (due to my piston and piston ring....)
Bike signal light pon dah outz... (due to my wiring loh...)
Bike brake pon dah haus.... (due to brake..Duuuhhhh)
Yep above is the list i needed to do be4 my inspection check.
Life with bike is easy cos can go anywhere where bus cannot go...
and on the other hand life is bike is hard. Duit minyak, duit maintenance.
Oh well just got to lived with that till time permits where i can get
a decent pay job.
$390 pon klau Bangladesh work pon mengamok siak.

OsO me and my aliza are doing good.
I dun wana argue more and more with her. Wait i freak out.
Anyway, i realised that she's been there for me all this while
and i didnt appreaciate it. Im just bad sia. SO im gotta cut that away
and try think positive. Negative is bad... it affects me and her big time loh.

Yeah..anyway just like i say... long time nvr go beach swimming.....
Hehe... Till then slamat berpuasa to all muslims and u bleedy sure
u fast. If not tak boleh celebrate raya. Haha...

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{Thursday, September 28, 2006.Project PAO}

28th September 2006

Pssssssttt.. Psssssttt... 6 more mths to ORD oh!!!
Bila budak budak2 yang baru mas0k nak ORD?
OH well, ive seen the light and can almozt smell the
fresh air now.

Oh well tu je. Bye!!! Till then. PEace Ouch!!
And burnt down all goverment building.
(Not trying to promote Rebelious act here. Trying to
Promote "release ur anger management class")

P.S Ape benda tu ah P.S.. Serious serious...tell me!!

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{Sunday, September 03, 2006.Project IMF}

2nd September 2006

1 thing im happy bout this week is dat, haha Joachim G.
is out of Singapore Idol. Haha. Dun worry Joe. No one will
remember you. Oh well, dats kinda sarcastic remark!
Who cares....his time is way long overdue.

Got another major event coming up soon in Singapore.
Event dat doesnt get on to my interest or watsoever but wuz
somehow being pointed out by my RSM, to be sort of the
security forces during the IMF meeting.
Yah yah...carry SAR 21 (i hope so...) walking around, looking
for some suspicious character during the event and to hold
up the security of Singapore.
Well...theres pride and honour in doing so.
The only IRONIC part dat i cant accept is dat, of all the
27 name being picked frm my unit, im the only Storeman.
Yah yah...haha IRONIC rite! Bloody PES A storeman.
Wat has the world gone to......
Think Positive Azmi....Positive.

LRI coming soon and my dayjob is getting hectic and hectic.
Hardly got the time to spend wif my love one and think far.
Well dat is for now. As i say, nak blog pon kena think manyak2 and
my mind now is kinda stress-out. Phew....
(Enjoy Life Azmi...)

Signing Out-
Sir Azmi Ectorius.
To Aliza....
I love u switty bun... Muackkss....

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{Saturday, August 19, 2006.Project 7 Fingers...}

20th August 2006

7 more months till my big day oh.
Oh..oh...oh...ORD!! Yeah yeah,wat is der to be so
happy about. Many i wld say...Many!
My freedom, my knowledge, my will and my spirit.

By the way, ive read Rafiee blog. Yeah i totally agree.
Mathilda wuz one of the best singer. Even Dick and Ken wld
agree wif me. Too bad, its the ppl votes dat count. And the
ppl shucks big time. Do they even know wat singing is???
U guys vote Joachim??? Freak him man.
No voice, pathetic looks, typical steroetype cina-bukit nye
pakaian. Rambut so typical one oso.
One thing is...he cant sing...nor dance. Just hate dat
pathetic face.....eerrrghhhh..
If he turn out to be in the FINAL 3, it spell DISASTER.
Again..dun vote based on looks. So shallow one for those
peepz who voted Joachim. Retard dat is for sure....

Being to trailing last weekend. Wif my deary and some
dirt frenz. Did mighty fine and just had a minor fall doin
a tableTop (mcm biasa gak)
My switty stil mustering up her courage to go offroad.
Learn slowly k syg. Slow an steady tau. Hope i cld
motivate u tau. Just hope i cld do sumting.
And so sorry tau sayang if i ride haphazardly on road
or offroad. Im just aggresive and daredevil in nature.
Love u still..... Muackssss....

Last Saturday went for my Lion reds Rugby match.
Wuz in the reserve list loh cos last training nvr come.
Too bad for me. Anyway the happy thing is dat, my team
won again against Blacks RFC. Haha...Not a trash but a
PRETTY GD SCORE!! Phew..as long as out team won, i
dun mind sitting by the sideline or become a waterboy.
Hyuk hyuk...was fun thou.

So wats my upcoming plan??
Watch Singapore Idol and hope Joachim wil be out ASAP.
then Paul Twohill. My vote will certainly go to Hady Mirza.
Then watch Dance Floor, another reality show mcm S.I
and learn some , do some and scratch the flo'r some as in
Dance Floor. (haha..yah rite)
And wait for ORD of course!!! Hahak
Till then SPF or SCDF or Poly blaja....Hmmmmmm

Entry Closed----
By Sir Azmi Ectorius.

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